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Young Adult Gynecologic Care

Becoming a teen, then turning into a young adult woman, comes with many milestones and new beginnings. One such milestone is the addition of gynecological care to pediatric care. Monitoring reproductive health during the teen years before age 18 is extremely beneficial. It is a critical time for girls to understand how their bodies are changing and to create an awareness of their special needs.

Ideally, the initial reproductive health visit should take place between the ages of 13 and 15 when a girl’s body is changing and she starts exploring her sexuality. Even if a girl is a virgin a conversation should be started. A gynecologic visit at this age gives opportunity for a girl to talk about sensitive issues such as her period, contraception, and sexually transmitted infections. Although many parents are concerned that talking about these topics will lead to their daughters becoming sexually active, it actually leads to safer behaviors in the future.

The first visit, and even subsequent visits, does not necessarily include a pelvic exam unless it is needed. However, a general physical exam is performed allowing for the confirmation of normal secondary sex characteristics and to address any specific concerns.

Topics discussed include:

  • Cramps
  • Acne
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Birth control
  • STDs
  • Problems with menstrual periods
  • Weight questions or concerns
  • Alcohol, drugs, and smoking
  • Depression and anxiety
  • HPV

Adolescents are often not comfortable talking to their parents about their personal matters. Introducing them to a gynecologist that they can come to, who will watch out for their gynecological health, is a good option.

These visits can be with a parent or without depending on the preference of the patient and with the consent of the parent. The discussion with the patient will not be shared with the parents without their daughter’s consent unless it is felt by the physician that her safety may be at risk.

At Adaptive Gynecology, we ensure that a teenage girl’s or young adult’s first visit to the gynecologist is a positive experience. We recognize the unique needs of young women and provide them with care that is specific to those needs.

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