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Your First Visit

We at (Adaptive) Gynecology look forward to meeting you and establishing a positive, caring, and professional relationship.

In order to make your first visit as efficient and comprehensive as possible, you will be asked to pre-complete a New Patient Health History Form and bring all relevant medical records with you to your first appointment.  The Patient Health History Form can either be: (1) accessed and completed remotely via our patient portal, (2) printed from the Forms Section below, completed, and brought to your appointment, or (3) completed in person in our office if you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.

We especially need:

  • A detailed personal, medical and surgical history
  • A detailed family history
  • Results of any prior screening, diagnostic radiology, and blood tests, pathology reports, and summaries of treatments received

In addition to a thorough gynecologic exam, your first visit may also include cervical cancer screening (PAP/HPV testing), urine and/or blood collection, and blood or saliva sampling (for genetic testing).  To avoid negatively impacting the results of your PAP test–if you’re having one–refrain from having sex or douching within 24 hours of your appointment as this can irritate your vagina. At the conclusion of your first visit, you may be sent for diagnostic radiologic testing or be referred to another health care specialist for additional expertise.  Rest assured that your first visit will be substantive, purposeful, and will mark the beginning of an enduring, interactive relationship.

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