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Gynecologic Cancer Consultations

Against the backdrop of ever-worsening time constraints in physicians’ practices, Dr. Economos is dedicated to giving the patient the time she needs to further learn about and understand a new diagnosis made and treatment plan proposed by another physician.

To that end, given her clinical background, Dr. Economos is able to provide prompt gynecologic cancer consultations. Dr. Economos welcomes women who’ve just been diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer and are desperate to learn what they can about their condition and expected treatment. If they have an upcoming initial appointment scheduled with a treating oncologist, seeing Dr. Economos before that appointment will arm them with valuable knowledge and prepare them with the questions they should ask. Alternately, consulting with Dr. Economos after the first visit with the treating oncologist will provide further clarity and understanding of their condition and treatment plan and will reinforce the clinical information discussed with the oncologist. For newly diagnosed women without a scheduled initial appointment with a treating oncologist, assistance will be readily provided to secure one.

These consultations with Dr. Economos are given priority in scheduling and include a comprehensive physical exam.

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